Vision Safety

Dry Eye: Causes And Treatment

Tears play a vital role in the health and function of our eyes. That’s what makes dry eye such a serious problem. Tears serve as our eyes’ first line of defense against irritants like dust and germs, washing them away with every blink. They also enable...

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Women’s Vision Health

Men and women have plenty of differences, but did you know that some of them have to do with eyesight and vision health? While men are more prone to eye injuries for various reasons, women are more susceptible to eye diseases. So what problems should women be...

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Low Vision Home Safety Tips

Vision impairment impacts a person’s life in many ways, whether they are completely blind or have low vision. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much effort for those of us with healthy vision to make things easier for our vision-impaired friends and family to get around and feel...

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